Skate to Surf


Our surf backpack makes skateboarding to your favorite lineup an efficient, clean, stress free journey. Koraloc surfing backpacks give you hands free mobility while your boards stay safe and secure, and your wetsuit, towel, and beach necessities are all stored away. The surfboard carrying backpack makes it easy to balance while navigating your skateboard, and allows you to carry as many as 3 surfboards on your next skate to the sea.


How does your surf backpack help me balance on a skateboard?

Our board bag puts the boards over your center of gravity so you don't have to lean and compensate for board weight. Your arms remain free to move and help you stay balanced.


Is there any way to lock up the surf backpack?

Yes. You can run a cable lock through three different handles on the board bag. You would need a knife to cut through it so it's mainly a deterrent, but will keep someone from just walking off with your board bag.


Does your surfing backpack offer any theft protection for my skateboard?

Skateboard is vulnerable.


Can your surf backpacks carry both skateboards and surfboards at the same time?

Yes. The surfboards are placed on the board bag first, and the skateboard can be secured using the center strap only.


When using the surfboard carrying backpack is wind resistance a problem?

No, our board bag helps with wind resistance because boards are secure and don't dangle under the arm. When you're carrying under your arm the wind can catch your board and pull it away from the body. Much easier in windy conditions because all of your equipment is stored over your center of gravity and will not swing.