Koraloc Board Bag Animation

Trek to Surf

Koraloc TREK to Surf Board  Bag

MORE INFO! Enjoy walking to your favorite surf break with your boards secure, and your wetsuit and towel stored away. Carry multiple surf boards with your hands completely free.

Skate to Surf

Koraloc SKATE to Surf Board Bag

MORE INFO! Using your arms to balance is essential for any skater. Transporting surfboards to the ocean this way can not only be hazardous to your health, but to your equipment as well. Use our backpack to stay in balance with boards in tow, and arrive safely with your body and equipment intact.

Bike to Surf

Koraloc BIKE to Surf Board Bag

MORE INFO! Surf racks have several drawbacks. They have to be secured to your bike. They're heavy and can cause you to lean. You're limited to carrying only one surfboard. Our vertical carry backpack carries multiple boards over your center of gravity, while your bike remains free from the inconvenience and added weight of a rack accessory.

SUP to Surf

Koraloc SUP to Surf Board Bag

MORE INFO! Paddle around private property and inaccessible coastline with this option. Our vertical carry backpack allows you to stay in balance with your gear, and keeps your arms and hands free for the paddle.

Other Board Sport & Capabilities

Koraloc Board Bag

MORE INFO! Surf! Skate! Snow! Wake! Recreation! Imagine the possibilities...Or just wait and let us do it.